Policy development

Our political platform will be undergirded by the best thinking in areas of public policy, public administration, governance, economic development planning, and allied disciplines. We are calling for position papers and presentations on topics aligned with these areas of inquiry.

Political engagement

The political arena is where the rubber meets the road. For too long the Nigerian youth has ceded the political space to their parents. Our country is run by geriatrics - many of whom have been in government since the 70s and 80s. The time for them to retire and for the Nigerian youth to take on the affairs of the country in now.


The bare fact of the matter is that civic and political engagement costs money. It takes money to mobilize the grassroots - through on-the-ground campaigns or online. We devote 100% of donations to the mission of civic and political engagement and grassroots mobilization. We need your support. 


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The #ibenaija campaign is sponsored by Africa Homeland & Diaspora Corporation, a non-profit organization with a mission of promoting civic and political engagement and economic development

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